Public Comment at AISD Board Meetings

This is an easy way to get your comments heard by the AISD Trustees! Every board meeting, the AISD Board has an hour listening session where they listen to approximately 60 comments. Items must pertain to what they are talking about during the Board Meeting.

The fine print can be found here, but here are the easy to follow steps:

1) Come up with a script that’s a minute long

2) Call 512-414-0130 to record your 60-second remarks between 7:45 a.m. and 3:00 p.m the day of the Board Meeting

That’s it! You must be one of the first 60 people to call so the closer to 7:45am you call in, the more likely you are to be heard. They take calls in English and Spanish (the Spanish is translated to English). These calls are played for everyone to hear during the board meeting.

Need a script?

Here’s the start of one for the 2023-24 budget. It’s more effective if you customize it as your own. Add a story, talk about the Lively programs, or even add how much you love AISD. Be sure you thank our Trustee because although they are elected, they are volunteers serving our community.

Thank you for your time and service. My name is xxx and I have a student at Lively Middle School. I am calling/writting regarding the AISD Budget next year. I would like to show my support for increased funding for Title 1 schools in our district. We need increased planning/learning days for teachers in the upcoming school year, more funding for ESL Teachers and Mentors, and stipends for all staff members working at Title 1 schools. Many students and staff in Title 1 schools have extra obstacles and burdens to overcome to give students an equitable education such as more ESL student populations, more individualized instruction needs, family support needs, and a high teacher turnover. We’ve seen at Lively a large increase of students which are Emergent Bilingual. They are needing ESL and other support services in order to pass the state testing. However, as AISD works to make ends meet, the students and staff members in Title 1 schools, like Lively, have seen their supports slashed. We need staffing and support back in the budget to help students. Increased planning time and more staff for our Title 1 schools help students who need it most. A staff stipend for Title 1 schools would make AISD more competitive to many other districts who already offer this for Title 1 schools and give students a more consistent learning environment. I know you have a difficult job in getting the budget balanced, but I ask to please increase funding for students and staff who desperately need the support of our district. Thanks again for your time.